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We invited our wonderful Knowledge Keepers and Elders to the longhouse at Tuckkwiowhum Heritage Village to share with us their knowledge and to demonstrate the skills they have honed over the years.

We invite you to visit Tuckkwiowhum Village in 2021. If you would like to learn more and meet our Knowledge Keepers, we will be providing in-person Workshops over the next few months. We hope you will come and enjoy the experience and participate in some hands-on instruction from our Elders and Knowledge Keepers.

These workshop videos all serve as an informative introduction to these timeless handcrafts. For most folks, learning all the intricacies of these artistic styles will require more time and personal instruction.

Our guests shared stories about themselves while demonstrating the artistry of their work. They spoke candidly of their life experiences, their history and that of their families. Most importantly, they shared the teachings that have been passed down from their ancestors and why it is important that these timeless skills continue to be passed down to the generations of the future.

The Knowledge Keepers have all drawn upon the Sacred Teachings and the Seventh Generation Principles to help develop the patience, persistence and calm spirit required to express themselves through their work. Some say while they create, it is a time of meditation and it is through that spiritual connection, that they are directed in the creation of their designs. Through these videos, you will see the beauty of their work, learn from them, and appreciate the wisdom they generously share. We trust you will find it an enriching experience.


more than learning experience  

Every workshop purchase* supports our community in preserving knowledge and skills of our ancestors.

* Our download links have no expiration date, but your purchase is limited to two downloads. If you can’t finish watching the workshop in two sessions, please download your purchase to your device.


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Walk our village and share in sacred memories of our Nlaka’pamux culture. A Truly Historic Experience.